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Plan Green

Sustainable Practices. Responsible Business. Unrivaled Quality.

Plan Green is a commitment to responsible business in five areas of operations and will be accomplished by reaching specific goals in each one.

Our Progress


One for One®

Dedicated to sustainable practices, we created a One for One® Program with a goal of placing one juvenile lobster back into the ocean for each one harvested. Partner lobster hatcheries in the Canadian Maritimes are receiving funding assistance for placement of juvenile lobsters. The program has released more than 1.5 million juvenile lobster into the ocean. 


Operating solar powered freezers at our freight forwarding facility in Chelsea, Massachusetts.


Providing neighborhood employee housing and increased job opportunities with fair wages.


Composting lobster shells to reduce waste from processing in our Canadian lobster facility on Deer Island, New Brunswick. 


Helping to educate seafood buyers by hosting the Lobster Academy™.  Please visit the Lobster Academy website for additional information.