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Built in 1906 and rebuilt in 1968 following a fire, the 100,000 sq ft Prospect Harbour facility represents a prosperous future. It is a perseverant spirit that characterizes the local community with the areas long, colourful past steeped in maritime traditions, and the sites rich seafood processing history.
Located in one of Maine’s largest lobster landing counties, the facility was purchased in 1927 by Calvin Stinson and used as a sardine cannery until 2010. Changing hands a few times, the plant continued operations as one of the U.S.’s last sardine processing facilities. After the departure of the cannery, new owners retrofitted the plant for lobster processing and set the stage for what today is Maine Fair Trade Lobster.
In 2012, utilizing over 35 years of collective experience, East Coast Seafood and Garbo Lobster, with the help of Coastal Enterprises Inc., purchased the facility. Thus, Maine Fair Trade Lobster was born. 

Maine Fair Trade Lobster, PO Box 69, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669 • 207-963-9010