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The 100,000 sq. ft. lobster-processing facility, is a joint venture by East Coast Seafood® of Massachusetts and Garbo Lobster Co. of Connecticut.  Both organizations offer a long and successful track record in industry and community involvement. Entering its fourth season of operations, Maine Fair Trade is proud of the excellent employment opportunities it provides to the local community.

East Coast Seafood

East Coast Seafood which sells live and frozen lobster and seafood throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, has headquarters in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts with direct distribution offices throughout Europe.  East Coast Seafood is a subsidiary of East Coast Seafood Group (ECSG), which owns and operates several additional subsidiaries including: Paturel International Company, with processing facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada.

Garbo Lobster

Garbo Lobster is based in Groton, Connecticut, and like East Coast Seafood has been in business over thirty years.  The company sells live lobster worldwide and is the biggest buyer of live lobster in Maine, with facilities in Hancock, Maine (15 miles from the Prospect Harbor facility). The company also owns a facility in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and a buying station in Dipper Harbour, New Brunswick. Garbo enjoys an excellent reputation in the Maine harvesting sector and offers a long standing reputation in supporting community enhancement.

"East Coast Seafood and Garbo Lobster both offer traditional excellent community relations and desire to work more closely with the harvesters and overall resource. Both companies offer vast experience with operational efficiencies and continued commitments towards sustainable practices and responsible business"

- Michael Tourkistas, CEO of East Coast Seafood.

Maine Fair Trade Lobster, PO Box 69, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669 • 207-963-9010